Worms and fleas are easily controlled if an effective control programme is followed. It is important to use high quality prevention and treatment products. We are very happy to advise on these products and their proper use.

Pups and kittens should be wormed from 2 weeks onwards at intervals of 2 weeks up to 16 weeks of age and then every three months thereafter. Flea control should be carried out every 2 months but during the summer months you may have to reduce this to every 4 to 6 weeks.

Fleas can cause an extremely irritating dermatitis in dogs and cats. Flea control is therefore an important part of pet care. Modern flea products are usually a pour-on treatment. They work extremely well and some brands combine a wormer - however this does not kill all types of worms. Because many pets spend time in warm homes, fleas can now be active all year round.

Some types of fleas and worms are zoonotic. This means that they can be transmitted to people. Therefore their control not only benefits your pet but in some cases may be of benefit to their owner also.